If you want to learn how to make selects from the approved stills, check out this article first.

If you’ve made your selects and want to share them with others, here are four ways you can do so:

1 – Selects are global

Only Production Accounts holders may mark or unmark images as a select. So that selects can be more easily collated into one final delivery package, all selects are global; this means that all select actions are shared by the Production Account holders. This is a great way to have multiple producers or publicists working together on a project to create the final set of images they would like to go to distributors.

For example, if User A marks Image A as a select, User B will also see this image marked as a select.

If User B unmarks Image A as a select, then it will also show as not being a select when User A looks at the image.

Reviewing your selects on the Selects Page

To see which images have been marked as a select by you or the other production account holders, simply click on the Selects page from the menu. From here, you’ll be able to see thumbnails of your selects and click through them.

2 – Share securely with Viewer Accounts

If you have stakeholders you’d like to be able to securely share your selects with, but you don’t want to give them all of the permissions that come with a Production Account, then why not set them up with a Viewer account?

Viewer accounts can do just that; view images. You can even restrict which images they see. For instance, we can set them up with the ability to see all images, images that have not been killed, or just images that have been marked as a select.

Depending on how secure you’d like your images to be, we can even enable or disable personalised watermarks to display over the images and can also give or revoke the ability for Viewers to download individual JPGS.

Setting up stakeholders with a Viewer account is a great way to be able to allow them to see the images in a secure way.

3 – PDF contact sheets

Want to share your selects without the need to create more accounts? No problem! Simply head on over to the Downloads page and grab yourself some PDF contact sheets.

Click Request for the type of report you’d like to see, wait a few minutes (you can navigate away from the page – no need to stay on it) then hit the refresh button to see your PDF requests ready to download at the bottom of the page. You can also ask us to enable watermarks on the thumbnails for added security!

You can now share thumbnails of your selects with anyone who needs to see them!

4 – Enable downloads

You can ask us to give individual Production or Viewer Accounts the ability to download individual images and whether you’d like them to be clean, usable images or watermarked for extra security.

This method can give you quick access to JPG image files that you can share outside of the platform as needed. Please note that to keep project assets secure, we will only enable this download feature after receiving written permission from the project lead and we will direct all enquiries back to this person so if you have a project with lots of users, you don’t have to worry about any of them having unauthorized access to downloads.