Sometimes we may need to pull out a selection of images for clients and one of the quickest ways to do this is to put the requested filenames into the File Explorer search bar in this format:


This search format will also let you search for part filenames in case the client has only provided you with the last few digits of each image. Just be careful that if they are only supplying part filenames that the search may pull up duplicate results so it’s always best to ask for the whole filename.

A quick way to turn a list of filenames into the above format without manually adding * and OR to each one is to do the following.

  • Download Notepad++ (free)
  • Copy and paste your string of filenames into Notepad++
  • Click Search > Replace and type the following:
    Find what: \r\n
    Replace with: * OR *
    Make sure Regular expression is selected then click Replace all.
  • Your filenames should now all appear in one line in the correct format.
  • Copy and paste this into your File Explorer search bar to locate all of the files that contain these filenames.